Serene Summer loving – West Cork Wedding 2022, E+J

Evie + Johnny’s incredible West Cork wedding, 2022

Another lap around the sun. A few more miles in the tank, an extra crease or two and some seriously silvering hair. But that’s enough about me.

2022. My biggest and busiest year ever. After what seemed like forever, we all were back together. Properly. No weird social distancing BS. That was a distant memory. There was even a chance to hop on one of those big metal birds to parts unknown. For now though, I couldn’t think of a more fitting celebration to break my year long hiatus from blogs than this one. This one was a feast for the senses. The good stuff in spades. It was a roasting hot day in wild West Cork, in what seemed a world away from the rest of Eire.

Beautiful humans from far and wide came to celebrate with Evie + Johnny. Joie de vivre was on the menu and this crowd came hungry.

For all the lovers and future scallywags I’m yet to meet, you can check my availability for 2024 here.

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Evie + Johnny’s incredible West cork wedding. Enjoy!