Jaw-dropping Wedding at Quinta de Santana, Lisbon – Katy + Ronan ’18

Katy + Ronan’s Wedding at Quinta de Santana, Lisbon



Katy + Ronan’s Wedding at Quinta de Santana. Where do I start? Well, let’s travel back in time 12 months or so, to the dance floor to end all dance floors. To the wedding of the living legends, Emma + Johnny!

This was where I first met Katy + Ronan cutting up multiple rugs in the company of some of their favourite people in the world. We got chatting in between one too many whiskeys (hey, I’m not driving) and hit it off straight away over our shared love of New Zealand (Ahhh, New Zealand) Fast forward several months and after seeing that I was in fact able to take photographs as well pound shots with the bride and groom on request, the guys had decided that it’s better the devil you know!

Katy + Ronan’s Wedding was big on all the things we love about destination weddings. Lots of time spent with all of their favourite people in drop-droppingly beautiful surroundings, amazing food, free-flowing drink, craic and another epic dance floor. Just don’t mention the DJ’s laptop!

If you’re planning a destination wedding and want all the beautiful carnage captured just like this, shoot us a message!

P.S I don’t actually get sloshed at your wedding. Not unless you ask me to ;)

Venue – Quinta de Santana



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Quinta de santana