Unbelievable food lovers paradise – Nancarrow Farm Wedding 2021, S+P

Sophie + Pete’s incredible Nancarrow Farm wedding, 2021

 I’ve been wanting to share so much of the goodness I’ve witnessed over the last few years in a more long form way for ages. We’re often told about how our collective attention span is waning. Reels and Tik-toks ebbing it away in an endless content carousel. 280 characters to make your point and garnish likes and re-tweets.

That’s all fine in moderation I suppose. But is it really? It’s something I’ve been thinking about more recently. It’s hard to escape it, especially working in this medium. I’m reading “Stolen Focus” by Johann Hari on that very thing and it struck a real chord with me. I’ll undoubtedly lapse into the same bad habits most of us find ourselves in and to which I, as a small business owner, somewhat rely on you to exhibit to even find yourself here right now! But I digress, check out the book, I think it’s fantastic.

For my part, when I am online and sharing the stories I’ve been lucky enough to have witnessed, I plan on trying to do it much more mindfully and curate them with the utmost care and consideration. I’m not saying weddings are the be all and end all. They aren’t. But the relationships of the people involved tend to be. The couple, obviously. Their families, parents.. siblings.. children. It’s the heart of it all. And it’s why I love doing what I do.

Sophie + Pete’s glorious Nancarrow Farm Wedding was the perfect illustration of, to me, what a wedding is all about. People who love one another coming together to break bread, have a drink (or twelve) and tear up the fucking dance floor. What more could you want?

If this speaks to you, you can check my availability for 2024 here.

Sophie + Pete’s incredible Nancarrow Farm wedding. Enjoy!



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