Badass Lyric Theatre Wedding ’17- Elaine + Phil


Lyric Theatre Wedding – Elaine + Phil

Lyric Theatre Wedding. Being invited to play a part in any wedding is an absolute honour. Each one if different, with its own heartbeat, twists, turns and vibe that hopefully mirror the couple who everyone is their to celebrate and make a fuss over. This one couldn’t reflect these two any better.

I don’t think “shotgun wedding” is suitable here (actually, yeah it’s definitely not, just Googled it!) but to put things into context, this one was planned within 3 months. I’ll let that sink in for a bit. To pull off any type of wedding or elopement in that timeframe is no mean feat, as anyone who has been there before will testify to, but to pull *this* one out the bag..

Add to that an extra sprinkling of the fear that comes with photographing one of Northern Ireland’s best photographers, the same person who got you started shooting weddings, safe to say I wanted to do this one justice and then some. Elaine + Phil, as all of those who gathered around them on the day will tell you, are two of life’s good ones.

Grounded, fun-loving, salt of the earth people who know how to pull some serious shapes and throw one helluva’ party! This was also like a big reunion of sorts with so many of our past couples, mutual friends and wedding kin there! It was amazing to re-connect and see so many happy, familiar drunken faces.

 It’s days like this where I catch myself on that this is actually my job. It’s something that I’m increasingly grateful for, to our couples and their families, who invite me along, backstage pass in hand (metaphorical, I’m not that bad) to capture all the love and weirdness that happens around them. Anyway, enough from me this wedding was friggin’ awesome. If you want more of this type of thing for your shebang, let’s do it!

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Ceremony Venue – The Lyric
Dinner – Edō
Reception – Life Church




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