Unforgettable Baltic Sea wedding – Sina + Paul

Baltic Sea Wedding – Sina + Paul

An unforgettable weekend of Baltic sea wedding shenanigans, spent with some of the best. Sina + Paul’s destination wedding in Kühlungsborn will live long in the memory despite the best efforts of one too many German pilsners!

It should go without saying, but seeing as I’m here, I’ll say it anyway. It’s always a huge honour to be asked to come along to capture a couples wedding. Add in the fact that a lot of our couples trust me enough to fly me all over this cosmic space-ball we call home, and that feeling is cranked up to 11.

I knew when Sina + Paul asked me to shoot their Baltic sea wedding in Sina’s hometown of Kühlungsborn that it would be a memorable one, and boy was it!? What’s not to like about an outdoor ceremony on the beachfront? Or those jaw dropping sunsets by the ocean. However, as amazing as those things are, they aren’t what make a wedding. It’s always the people that make a wedding. And this weekend was made because of the people I was fortunate enough to spend a few days. Great to team up with Abby + Matt of Forever Social fame on this one too!

Enough chatter, I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking.

Sina + Paul, thank you for having me along to capture all the goodness and if you ever want do it all over again, you know I’m game :)

If you’re currently in the process of planning a destination wedding drop us a line. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in Berlin, Lisbon, or anywhere else in the world, my passport is valid and I’m always game for the adventure.  Shoot us a message and let’s chat about your plans!

Dress- Margaux Tardits

Boutique – The Mews Bridal