A very surreal 2020 – Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

2020 – Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer


Well that was different…


I don’t think anyone could have imagined (well, maybe Charlie Brooker) in their dystopian nightmares what lay ahead for us in 2020. From the jump, the fires in Australia set the tone, political unrest and of course, a global pandemic that takes us through to the present day isn’t what anyone would have wanted to look back on, but here we are. We are the fortunate ones to make it to the other side. Things will get better and we will be stronger as a result. More resolute. Hopefully less likely to take our time, each other and our planet for granted. But only time will tell.

2020 hasn’t been all gloom and doom. We’ll remember it most from welcoming our favourite little human into the world which meant more quality time with my girls. On the whole, let’s hope 2021 is much kinder to all of us human and non human animals, and our beautiful planet. It sure would be nice to show Stevie some of it!

2021 is FULLY BOOKED but we have some availability left for 2022 so if that’s you and this vibes with you let’s make more of this type of love in 2021/22.

 This recap looks a little different with only a handful of intimate celebrations going ahead this year so there’s a fair share of our blue eyed girl and lockdown (there’s a word we never want to hear in common parlance again am I right?) activities.

Black Mirror 2020 in pictures.

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