2021 – Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer


Well 2021 has been and gone! By common consensus, seemingly the quickest year on record. Amongst the continuing covid chaos, there were many chinks of light.

This job bestows on me and my fellow camera wielding buddies, a backstage pass to moments of pure unbridled joy, togetherness, unity, love, and good vibes. An antidote to many of the worlds ills right now.

2021 was a rollercoaster year both personally and professionally. I’ve so much goodness to share but hopefully this round-up goes a little way towards illuminating that goodness!

To all my amazing couples, their families and friends, thank you so much for having me along. I say this every year, but it’s never been more true. It’s an absolute joy and a pleasure to document such milestone moments and stories of human connections, all the while having the trust and friendship of the best people.

We’re FULLY booked for 2022 and 2023 dates are booking up FAST so please reach out for my availability.

If you see yourself and your pals in the video below, share it wide and dish out a little slice of good vibes and happiness.

Lots more good vibes for 2022!


Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

2021 Northern Ireland wedding photographer