Hello there!

I’m an Alternative, Creative Wedding Photographer based in Belfast but shooting internationally.

I live just outside of Belfast with my best friend and better half, Colleen. We are the proud parents of one tiny human and two crazy doggo's. Stevie-Rose rocked our world, joining our family in May 2020 along with our original baby-girl, Molly, our now senior and totally blind, golden retriever. Alfie, a golden retriever/collie mix who we rescued from Turkey, and is as weird as he is handsome, completes our gang. In case it's not obvious, we are both huge animal lovers, vegan, and a quick flick through our instagram can attest to what massive foodies we are.

Aside from suffering from a severe case of wanderlust and the insatiable desire to jump on a plane at a moments notice, I consider myself extremely lucky as I love what I do..

I want to capture all the important things about your wedding. The connections, little glances, those big hugs and crazy shapes being pulled. The real shit.

I capture love in all its forms and have shot all over this beautiful, crazy world from New Zealand to Las Vegas and lots of places in between.

If you think we're a match and want to know more, get in touch to check my availability.



- Our wee family
- Photography
- Travelling
- Driving down Big Sur
- Crisps
- Hunter S. Thompson
- Tattoos
- Kubrick / Tarantino films
- Good coffee and even better food!
- Time in the mountains/in the sea


- I am a hugger
- I can hold my breath for 3 minutes in cold water.
- I tell people I got a A in my English A-level because I was only one mark off it!
- I cry at *that* opening scene of "Up". Every. Single. Time. Damn you Pixar.
- I can definitely down a pint faster than you!

About – Alternative & Authentic Wedding Photographer, Northern Ireland 2022

My best friend and better half. Colleen has been a constant in my life for more than 14 years (the poor critter!) While she doesn't play a part in image making, she's the studio manager, an all round creative who excels at anything she tries her hand at, and is the author of her very own vegan cookbook! She looks after all things admin, is a constant support and most importantly, feeds me with amazing plant based food!

The glue that holds it all together


Look at that face like! For a couple who have always been dog people and balked at the thought of creating a mini us, we are totally and utterly besotted by this little monkey. She's without doubt the best thing that has ever happened to us, loves a nap (like her ma) a good boob and we cannot wait to show her what a beautiful world we inhabit.



Our extremely cute and hyperactive 11 year old little lady. She may now be totally blind, but this doesn't slow her down in her golden years. For anyone that's had the pleasure of meeting her, you know she's a gentle, unique and special soul. She's our original OG, and forever will be our first baby.

Chief mascot

MOLLY (2009-2021)

Alfie defies description. Molly is definitely weird, and before this wee handsome devil entered our lives, we thought she was as weird as it got. Alfie is next level. We worked with a UK based charity to rescue him from what was a pretty lousy life on the streets of Turkey. He now calls Ireland home and can be found lying flat out on his back or happily chewing to bits whatever socks or footwear have been left unguarded.

Chief troublemaker


Much more comfortable behind the camera, than in front of it. I'm the lucky sod that records the moments you'll forget. Backstage access to witness & click some of the most intimate moments of your lives. If you see weddings as a perfect, fairytale day, I'm not the man for you. If you see them as a celebration, a weird and beautiful dance, where the floor is jammed packed with emotions you didn't know you had, then I'm your guy.



The reason why it all works. I work with amazing humans and bear witness to the most intimate moments of your life. The reason why you find yourself scrolling through my ramblings now, is because all of my couples, past and present have "let me in" to capture that love and those moments.

The magic sauce




Where are you based?

We’re based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Technically, just outside of Belfast but I've travelled all over Ireland, Europe and internationally shooting weddings.


Oh, so you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! We love to travel and are always on the road (pre 2020)

Travel within a 100 mile radius of Belfast is included and outside of this there is a minimum mileage rate and any accommodation/flights if required. We always do our best to keep these costs to a minimum.


How long do you stay at our wedding?

Depending on which level of coverage you’ve chosen, I’m with you all day from the morning prep through to the evening speeches and dance floor mayhem. I couldn’t miss your favourite in-law pulling some serious shapes!


Have you shot at our venue before?

There’s nothing more that I love to do than explore new places and that goes for venues too. Shooting internationally, I’m always coming across exciting new locations and with that comes a chance to create something different. I find that it helps kick my creativity into overdrive. Rather than relying on the same spots or locations of a venue I’m looking at everything, the light, the location, the surroundings with a fresh pair of eyes and I’ve found this to be invaluable when it comes to capturing the intricacies of your day.


Are you insured?

Yes, I have both Public Liability & Public Indemnity Insurance and all my equipment is insured.


Do you shoot same sex couples?

Did my time machine work? Of course I do, it’s 2022. Love is love people <3


Do you need a shot list?

Hell no! (Joking / not joking) They simply are not necessary if you trust me. As important as family formals are to a lot of our couples we’ve found that if they are kept to a minimum on the day this allows me more time to spend looking for those unscripted moments. The thing about a shot list is, in the end they actually can prevent me from capturing the natural flow and authentic emotions of the day. It also means more time spent with your guests!


How and when will we receive our photos?

Typically 6-8 weeks after your wedding. When wedding season is in full swing this may be a little longer. But I’ll always give you a rough idea when we’re hugging it out at the end of the night! You’ll receive an online slideshow a few weeks after the wedding to whet you appetite and then your full gallery (500+ images) via a private password protected online gallery. Don’t worry, there’s no naff watermarks!


How long have you been photographing weddings?

I'm been a full-time wedding photographer since 2015. I've always been interested in the power of imagery and film. I spent long childhood afternoons pouring over my grandparents photo albums in wonder of the people looking back at me.


We're all in, how do we book you?

To check my availability, head over to the contact page and fill out the very quick inquiry form - alternatively email [email protected]

I only take on a limited number of weddings each year to devote the time to you both and ensuring your story, and this weird journey we're all on, is told as it ought to be. With care and intent.

I can book up 12-18 months in advance but drop me a line to chat dates and plans for world domination.

Chris Copeland northern ireland wedding photographer


As an emotional, story-driven photographer, I am constantly pursuing authentic, timeless, organic & natural imagery. Having an emotional connection to your story inspires and drives my creativity. I use my eyes as much as my other spidey senses. Listening with my head and my heart.

It's not a fairytale, it's a ritual/party/dance floor extravaganza where you invite all your favourite people to come along, celebrate and get merry. Do it exactly how you want, whatever that looks like.

With that in mind – I encourage all clients, families, and lovers to let go, trust and enjoy the journey <3