Santorini Wedding at Rocabella, Greece

 Wedding at Rocabella Santorini, Greece – Natalie + Sam

Wow, just wow. Little did we know when Natalie & Sam (or to give them their original name “That Swedish looking couple”) first stepped on the Kiwi Experience in Auckland in 2012 that a few short years later, and lots of miles, drinks and mini-golf ,we would be sitting at their cliff-top wedding Rocabella Santorini, Greece in the sun baked Greek Islands.

I never take for granted what a privilege it is for us, as wedding photographers to be welcomed into a couples life for a day. To be there front and centre and watch it all unfold is both an honour and to be honest sometimes kinda scary and this has never been more true than when it is two of your closest friends.

Guys, thank you for all the memories we have shared together over the past few years and for having me along for the ride on what was an unforgettable day. Can’t wait for the next adventure!

Natalie + Sam’s Wedding was big on all the things we love about destination weddings. Lots of time spent with all of their favourite people in jaw-droppingly beautiful surroundings, amazing food, free-flowing drink, craic and another epic dance floor.

If you’re planning a destination wedding and want all the beautiful carnage captured just like this, shoot us a message!

Rocabella Santorini Wedding Photographer

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