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northern ireland wedding photographer northern ireland wedding photographer northern ireland wedding photographer dance northern ireland wedding photographerTWENTY-SEVENTEEN

Twenty-seventeen to us, seemed to be on all kinds of accelerants. A whirlwind 12 months that was big on previously unseen places, supercharged with a wedding or (thirty) two, including our own! As always, a healthy dose of travelling was never too far around the corner. But as is usually the way, we remember it most fondly because of the people that made up our year..

A massive and heart felt thank you to all our of amazing couples who continue to put their trust in us to do our thing. It was another year in which I was able to branch out into other non wedding related work and had the opportunity to work with National Geographic on an article about our fair city of Belfast. As well as that I was also able to contribute for Suitcase and had the major inbox surprise to learn I was shortlisted for Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars 2017.

We’re already beyond excited to see what 2018 has in store but for now here are some images that made up our 2017..