New Zealand & Australia

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New Zealand & Australia

Ever since we first travelled to New Zealand & Australia back in 2011, we had been busting to get back out. And for anyone that knows, or have had any travel related yarns with us, we cannot say enough good things about it. Having had some of our most memorable experiences there and meeting people who’ve remained close friends to this day, it has pretty much always remained on top of the travel pile for us.

Although this trip followed a slightly different formula than last time, it didn’t fail to remind us just why we fell head over heels for it to begin with! In Australia, we were able to hook up with old friends and family all over the East Coast. Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney offered a nice variety of city buzz, people watching, avo toast, cold drinks with old friends and some hot sand under our feet. After that we hopped the Tasman for two weeks on the open road across the South Island of New Zealand. It was amazing to explore the new places that had escaped us first time around and equally as much to tread familiar paths (and sample a lot of vegan Fergburgers along the way!)

For us, New Zealand remains one of those places that has to be seen to be believed, to fully appreciate it. Not just the sheer beauty and majesty of the natural landscape. The respect the people have for their country is on an entirely different level to anything else we’ve experienced. They are rightly proud of the land they call home and although this post won’t really begin to scratch the surface, it will hopefully provide a glimmer into just how magical this part of our world is.


Awesome collection brother! Great to catch you both while you were on your travels.

Chris Copeland Photography

Thanks bro! It was indeed, hopefully it won’t be too long until we’re back ;)

makes me want to go to New Zealand!

That was amazing! Colleen loves it!!!