Love, Lust, and the Long Haul: A Dublin to Bali Elopement Odyssey 2019

Sarah + Stefan’s amazing Bali Elopement

Buckle up, lovebirds! We’ve got a wild tale for the young, the fearless, and those who crave an elopement like no other.
In the realm where love dances with adventure, we unravel the tale of a couple who defied norms, eloping from Dublin to Bali with just their moustachioed photo-maker in tow! Grab your shades and join us on this love odyssey through emerald hills, Hong Kong layovers, and the enchanting shores of Bali.

Whether you’re planning an elopement or seeking inspiration, step into the realm of our love saga. It’s a journey worth taking.

If you’re down for throwing caution to the ever changing winds and want to elope on foreign shores, please reach out, as 2025 dates are booking up FAST and I have limited availability for elopements.

Sarah + Stefan’s Bali Elopement, what a ride!

Bali Elopement Photographer

bali elopement photographer