Lorna + Simon – Belfast City Wedding

Belfast City Wedding at Muddlers Club | Lorna + Simon

Without question, this was one of the highlights of our year! Lorna + Simon’s Belfast City Wedding at Muddlers Club was a perfect reflection of them as a couple. Creative, intimate, warm, foodcentric and above all, fun! I’d be hard pushed to name a more down to earth and well loved duo. We’ve gotten to know these two ridiculously talented souls over the past 12 months or so, and it was an amazing privilege to be there.

Shooting a wedding however, for a couple of creative geniuses does have its drawbacks. Namely the fear of doing it justice! Lorna is a lady of many, many talents and the culinary goddess behind Tacacucina. Simon is a freakishly talented documentary & commercial photographer. So yeah, the bar was set pretty high! Add to that, some of NI’s most innovative and creative folks around – Best budsBoundary BreweryThe Picture Bus NI and The Muddlers Club and you can see where the fear aspect came from.

I needn’t have worried. From the moment I rocked up in the morning, I was given a backstage pass and total creative freedom to anything and everything that was going on. Every wedding is a collaboration between us and our couples but this one felt extra special. In part because we’d gotten to hang out with the guys a lot in the build up to their wedding, but also because anytime you’re allowed that kind of creative license on the day, you try not to take it for granted.

Guys, it meant a helluva lot for us to be there with you and even more so that you put your trust in me to capture all of the awesome sauce (and there was lots of it!) that was this kick-ass celebration. Thank you for having us there and for the most amazing wedding meal we’ve ever had!

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