India is like nowhere I’ve travelled to before. It’s a country that you find very hard to sum up in words. When people have asked “What was India like?” you know that whatever you say will not do justice to this amazing country. My go to response has been “You have to see it first hand to really even begin to get a sense of what it’s like”.

In the best way (and sometimes not!) it’s an attack on all of your senses simultaneously. The taste and smell of the fragrant spices from the street stalls, the endless symphony of beeping horns from speeding tuk-tuks and the seemingly endless and polarising sights that unfold around you.

For a street photographer India really has to be the holy (holi) grail. The colour and vibrancy of its bustling cities, the warmth of the people, the street scenes that play out around you, it’s a photographers dream.

That’s enough words to TRY to do it justice but as always I’ll try to let the images do a better job.

There’s just no other place quite like it and I can’t wait to go back. Full blogpost over here