California Road trip

California Road trip

Los Angeles | San Francisco | Yosemite

We had heard that once you visit California, you’ll forever compare it to all the places you subsequently visit. “It’s beautiful but it’s not California”. That kinda’ thing. We were a little sceptical as although we both love the states and particularly San Francisco we couldn’t imagine anywhere comparing to the natural raw beauty of New Zealand.  Boy did California have an ace up it’s sleeve! (Actually a whole deck of them!)

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of life on the road. What’s more American than the great American road trip, driving straight across the continent. Robert Frank and Walker Evans images have always instilled a longing in me to witness life on the road, not to mention one of my favourite books is Jack Kerouac’s aptly names “On the road”. Although it wasn’t as epic or crazy a trip as that we were fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks in Southern California visiting Colleen’s family, catching up with friends and hitting the open road ticking lots of things off the bucket list en route. Although I still couldn’t pick between California and New Zealand (why choose right?!)

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