Algerian Belgian Wedding – Mouna + Niall

Mouna + Niall – Algerian Belgian Wedding


There is an energy about Mouna + Niall that is just contagious! You can feel it when you’re around them and it’s so raw and honest that at times you forget that you only met them a few months beforehand! Their Algerian Belgian Wedding celebrations were spilling over with raw emotions from the moment I picked up my camera in the morning until the frenetic moves that were being pulled on the dance floor that night!

Being the huge dog lovers they are, I had a pretty good idea that we would have no trouble getting on and when they told me their four-legged buddies would be making an appearance on the day, well, sign me up!

It was amazing to experience the energy of Mouna’s Algerian Belgian family from (from dusk till dawn!) and the personal touches throughout the day celebrating her Algerian roots. Couple that with a suave Belgian contingent and a dapper Irish groom and you know you’re in the middle of a serious party!

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