California road trip | LA – Yosemite

California road trip | LA – Yosemite

The Irish winters can seem to go on forever so when you get the window between weddings to take off to sunnier shores for a few weeks you grab it with both hands. We were fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks recently in Southern California visiting Colleen’s family, catching up with friends and hitting the open road ticking lots of things off the bucket list en route. A California road trip has been at the top of the bucket list forever so the unexpected few weeks spent here were surreal in the best possible way.

So for those of you feeling the chill on a cold, blustery Irish Monday, here’s a little sunshine. Oh to be back..

(Los Angeles – Santa Barbara – Big Sur – Monterey – San Francisco – Yosemite – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Los Angeles)

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Looks amazing Chris, great stuff!

Cheers bud, the light over that side of the pond is something else.