Dazzling Cafe Parisien Wedding ’18 – Cortney + Mark

Cafe Parisien Wedding, Cortney + Mark

Cortney + Mark’s Cafe Parisien wedding was a great way to bookend our wedding year. With the primary focus being the documentary side of things versus a tonne of portraits, the day was full of all of the important things. Time spent with both Cortney + Mark’s Granny’s, mingling with their friends during the reception and capturing things as they are. Documentary photography freedom :)

We love a Belfast City wedding, plenty of scope for photos on your doorstep in any direction and lots of relaxed and amazing restaurants to choose from like the Muddler’s Club, Deane’s at Queen’s and of course the beautiful Cafe Parisien, set opposite the iconic Belfast city Hall.

Thanks for having me guys!

If you are planning your wedding in 2020 shoot us a message to see if I’m free on your date

Cafe Parisien Wedding Belfast