2018 greatness – Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you amazing people who have put your trust in me over the past 12 months. You have opened up your homes and your hearts and in some cases, flew me half way round the world, handing me a backstage pass to capture those you love and the spirit of what makes you, you. Photographing weddings in Northern Ireland to New Zealand via pit stops in Lisbon, London and countless miles in between.

It’s both a surreal and beautiful thing, shooting weddings. Weaving in and out of our couples lives but being given the trust to document such special moments. It’s always great to take the time to reflect on the stories I’m lucky enough to tell.

This year, I’ve been reminded of just how powerful and important imagery can be. So again, to all of our amazing couples, friends and families thank you for you constant support and trust and for letting me in.

2018 in pictures, so here’s a little taster of what 2018 looked like for some of those amazing people. Here’s to more of this type of love in 2019.


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Incredible slideshow Chris, hope you’re keeping the very best buddy and wishing you continued success in 2019.