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2016 moments..


Wow.. what was that? 2016 was all kinds of crazy. There were countless miles travelled, stories told, and new friendships forged..

We’ll leave the post 2016 global dissection to those much better qualified than us (though our thoughts for what it’s worth – WTF!!) But on a much more micro / personal level, 2016 afforded us the opportunity to meet and work with a ton of amazing, like minded people, clock up a ridiculous amount of miles (65,000 miles at last count) and share one too many drinks with friends we haven’t seen in years! And throughout 2016 we were in the incredibly honoured position to capture these moments for others.

Over 30 amazing weddings, a print feature for National Geographic, a nod by Rangefinder and countless new adventures. All of those miles travelled would be nothing but for the people we met at the other end and we’ve met some truly kick ass people this year. Whether it’s been those closer to home, including our extended wedding industry kin or friends old and new at the other side of the world, we know we can always rely on you lot for good times and a few sore heads the morning after ;)

A huge thank you to all our of wonderful, kind and creative couples who continue to put their trust in us to do our thing. You guys make it all possible. We’re beyond excited to see what 2017 has in store but for now here are some images that we keep coming back to. BRING ON 2017!

p.s 2017, please don’t be like 2016, be kind and ease up with taking all the music and screen icons. Oh, and if you could make that reality TV hairpiece of hate go away, that would be great. Cheers!





You got some sharp eyes there Chris! Super strong year! Playful and heartfelt. Love it.

Chris Copeland Photography

Means a lot sir! HIGH 5’s all round for 2017 :)

Brilliant year buddy – big things in 2017 for you man ??

Chris Copeland Photography

Aw cheers dude! Big hugs to you both for lots of 2017 adventures :D

Awesome year Chris!!!! Well done!!!!

Chris Copeland Photography

Back at you bro! Hope 2017 is all kinds of epic for you :)